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Nam Cobanda

All play, at the end of the day

Nam Cobanda Isle [A Namco Bandai Dressing Room]
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Starting July 1st 2010 any series under Namco and Bandai will be allowed to post at this Dressing Room

Nam Cobanda Isle

Welcome to Nam_Cobanda, a large island that sails over a large body of water that might as well be an ocean. A large deserted town is located at its center, supplied strangely with everything you need to live. It even comes with a School complex and a circus! How do you leave? You can try, but how do you know you're still in the same world? Occasionally supplies might run short but that's no problem. As the island sails along, other islands occasionally will collide into the island with their own little towns. Some might even look familiar but...how are towns from different worlds coming together in one place? Try not to wander through these visiting towns too long though. They tend to sail away after a while on their own and who knows what's out there.

Would you like to relax and get away from all the pressure? Want to play a character who just doesn't fit in with a certain setting? Want to play a gender-bent character who's looking for a good time? Well, you've found the right place to do it.

This is a free-for-all roleplaying community. You can post with any characters from the Tales of Series. This includes AUs, genderbents, crack characters and so forth. As of July 1st 2010, the Dressing Room has branched out to include all and any series under Namco and/or Bandai

Please respect other players. They give you respect, give the same respect back. If there is a problem, either talk to the person you have a problem with directly or talk to a mod. Harrassment of other players is frown upon here, so don't do it or you will be banned.

You may post with any characters from series belonging to Namco and/or Bandai. We ask that you don't post with characters that have not been officially released until after a month has past since the release date. While we also allow any versions of canon characters, we expect players to exercise common sense and not play a character to offend. Try not to add racism or sexism if it's not already there, and be mindful of how you play if it is.

No Godmodding. Unless given permission by the other players, don't decide or play out the other character's actions.

If you're planning to do a mass event, please state so in your subject line so people know the thread is an event. Events could be a monster attack, mass killing, singing contest, etc. This way, people may choose to join or not. Also add the tag !Event. It would also be a good idea to post your event idea in the OOC to see if anyone is interested. If you have something that's NOT WORKSAFE, please put a warning like [NSFW] somewhere in the entry.

You're here to have fun. So please, keep OOC drama outside of the game. In-Char drama's cool, but don't bring your own problems in and cause trouble for others, that's not the point of this community.

Use this setup when making tags.
[character] NAMEOFCHAR
!Events = For Event entries

silentdrifterz Taisa [Head Mod]
glorious Beth
schwannoltorain Schwann Whut?!

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