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Nam Cobanda Isle [A Namco Bandai Dressing Room]
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[Sup nam_cobanda, today, if you're happening to walk around the town's marketplace by afternoon, you'll surely noticed a certain pointy eared boy was storming around, stumbling in almost everyone's step. If you take a closer look on him, though, confusion is surely written all over his face.]

[Yeah, and the next second, he'll be targeting you by his sharp eyes and approached you with inhuman speed.]

'cuse me, can i ask something?

Gailardia Galan Gardios aka Guy Cecil [userpic]

[A disoriented Guy still trying to figure out his whereabouts finally stumbles into a town and, just his luck, the place seems kind of dead this time of the morning.]

[Guy was not about to give up. He had been wandering for a couple of hours now, taking in the features of the grassy landscape to try and ascertain his present location, but thus far it had been a fruitless effort -- this unknown land insisted in remaining that way. And he thought he knew geography! It seemed like he was in for a change of luck when he sighted buildings in the distance.]

[Unfortunately it appeared as though he would have to wait for the local population to wake up before he could gather any more information. The plaque he saw when entering the town had an unfamiliar name written on it. He could not simply walk up to a random passerby and ask what continent he was in. Luke in his place might have done just that, though he liked to think that the recent trials had a positive impact on his friend. Without many options, he settled for simply walking the streets for the moment.]

[Sooner or later the empty streets would become crowded enough for him to gather useful information.]

Current Mood: determined
raven ; [userpic]

[ Now that the cooler-than-normal weather has decided to disappear, Raven has taken the chance to talk a walk; the cold would never, ever agree with him. It was nice to get a bit of fresh air, though, and his arms slipped behind his head as he walked out, a little sigh slipping passed his lips as he moved. ]

That's more like it. Never gonna understand why people like that.

[ He keeps strolling, his eyes open for the few people he knows here. Admittedly, most of them were people from 'home', but... It was always good to see them. ]

[ here we have Guy Cecil Johnny Yong Bosch sitting on a bench, in a park somewhere.

in his almighty hands, he has a bag of bread crumbs.

he's feeding the pigeons.


because he's Johnny Yong Bosch. ]

That's it, little birds. Fly to me! Johnny Yong Bosch! You'll get fed the greatest bird food of all time. OF ALL TIME!

[ naturally, the birds, seeing and smelling food, come flying over to him. and they eat from his hand. ]

And for eating this Johnny Yong Bountiful feast, you birds will be the greatest birds of all time.

Just think of it. Johnny Yong Pigeons. All of you.

Why, you will be the healthiest pigeons of all time, that you will. OF ALL TIME.

( ooc: GOOD EVENING, FELLOW NAM COBANDA ISLE RESIDENTS. He hasn't been around for a while, but have one (1) Guy Cecil Johnny Yong Bosch, from Tales of the Abyss Abridged! He's lulzy, and ya'll should totally go see TotA Abridged if you haven't seen it already. It's wonderful. )

burnerv2 [userpic]

[You know when you have one of those days where you look back to see how you got to this point? Well that's Decus right now. He's looking back at his childhood with Alice. He's come quite far that's for sure.

Right now he can't help but just stare at the sky wondering about the different things of life. Watching the stars is nice ya know. It'd be even better with someone else. He'd met a few people since he got here. Some say if you look at the stars your wish will come true as long as you're with another person.

That's just a rumor though. Rumors can't be true... right?]

 [Signs seemed to appear all around town over night, advertising for the greatest circus that will ever perform on the island.

The black dream circus.

It said some of the preformances would involve people who could fly through the air as if they have wings! Those who could breath fire as if they were a cheagle~! Along with the taming of the wildest of Ligers~!! Along with an encore, heart moving performance of a boy on a journey to save the two worlds for his love. Though, the signs weren't doing all of the talking. There was a rumor could around town that if you attend, your wildest dreams or nightmares would come true that night. But would you be willing to take that chance?

ooc: You don't have to fall into a dream or nightmare so to speak. Just generally go have fun and maybe explore the infamous Black Dream Circus. ]

[Rutee has set up a stall in the middle of the town square.]

Step right up, step right up~!

Get your official Tales Of Series trading cards here!

Only 50 Gald for one booster pack! Collect all your favourite characters! Now with the new Graces and Narikiri Dungeon X expansions!

Get 'em while they're hot!

burnerv2 [userpic]

[It was another day on the island. Just another simple day. Except this day was different. This was a day without Alice around. Decus had woke up to see she had went off wherever. He wasn't much of a morning person, and apparently Alice was.]

Seems I have some free time. I wonder what there is to do today.

[After getting ready he heads out to see what's new on the mystery island. Perhaps something interesting?]

 [Raven glances around, scratching the back of his neck.]

Hey now, this ain't right at all.

Where'd the manor go?

[[This Raven is from the same AU as [info]willoftheblade, so he's the current leader of Leviathan's Claw. Have fun with that.]]

 [Likely appearing at first to simply be some sort of bizarre doll, Kunzite sits motionless, apparently in some sort of standby mode. If you listen closely you might hear a faint mechanical hum from his general direction, and perhaps notice small stirrings of movement as the mechanoid awakens.]

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